Kooler Kube Ice Extender

Trusted by thousands and counting!

Rest assured, you won't be disappointed with your purchase. 

Keep ice frozen up-to 50% longer with the Kooler Kube Ice Extenders - a breakthrough technology unlike anything out there. 

Product Dimensions

4" diameter and 11" height

Product Information

Many customers avoid using ice all together and only use the Kooler Kube's to keep their contents frozen. They can be refrozen and reused forever. The Kooler Kube's are made of the highest quality materials in order to withstand any environment. The main ingredients are a 'proprietary concoction' of sheer coolness!

Note: For larger coolers such as our 100 quart and up you may use several Kooler Kube's. Placing them at the very bottom of the cooler, and also on top of your contents will increase ice retention, and ensure that your contents stay as cold as you need them to be.

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