Icey-Tek Cooler Selection

Icey-Tek Coolers Have The Largest Selection of Sizes and Colors In The Industry

8 Reasons That Make Icey-Tek Coolers So Dam Cool

To start...they're affordable, unique, and a wickedly cool 7 to 10 day premium "commercial grade rotomolded cooler" just like the Yeti coolers. The only difference is... Icey-Tek has tons of colors to choose from, are just as durable, and are equally as cool if not cooler when it comes to ice retention ratings. Just ask our customers, we're certain they would agree. 

Durable Thermoplastic Latches That Don't Break Easily

These thermoplastic elastomer, super state-of-the-art latches, are non-corrosive, non conductive & UV resistant. These Icey-Tek cooler latches are used on all our Icey-Tek coolers, tested to 120 lb pressure on tie-down points.

Rugged Rope Handles For Easy Transportation

Icey-Tek is the only company using rope handles on all long box coolers. This minimizes the amount of bending required when lifting heavy weights and allows more than two handlers per cooler, at one time.

Super Heavy Duty Hinge System That Won't Break Easily Like The Cheap Coolers

Icey-Tek has eliminated internal lid restraints by self-locking multiple heavy duty hinges. These hinges are plastic welded to the cooler and doubly fixed by six stainless steel screws.

Insulation That Keeps Cooling - a True 7 to 10 Day Ice Cooler

Icey-Tek is powered by pressure injected, medium density, ICI polyurethane. The 35mm walls, floor and lid, ensures ice longevity of up to 12 days using block ice. Even NASA has tested & used Icey-Tek boxes for their insulation qualities!

Food Grade Interior/Liners - Ideal For Medical, Food and Restaurant Industries

Icey-Tek coolers utilize food grade approved white interior liners making them ideal for the food and restaurant industries. This eliminates food odors and tainting, making for easy cleaning and low maintenance unlike the Yeti coolers.

High Density Rubber Sealed Lids Making Them Air Tight When Latched

To achieve maximum ice retention, the Icey-Tek cooler lid perimeter has a 3mm rubber seal attached to the lid of the cooler.

Dual Drain Plugs For Easy and Quick Draining

All Icey-Tek coolers have a dual 25mm bung system. This allows the user easier drainage of the box in many different situations.

Packaging That Protects When We Ship

Your Icey-Tek cooler is professionally packed in "bubble wrap" and loaded into a custom "5 ply cardboard box". This ensures a safer travel minimizing the risk of damage by carriers. If something does happen...we've got you covered!

Largest Range of Cooler Sizes and Colors In The Industry

Icey-Tek coolers has the largest range of sizes and colors available on the market. From 25 quarts to 1100 quarts, and with a range of over 16 colors available colors to choose from for both commercial or personal applications, you’ll be sure to find the perfect size and color that fits your needs.