450 Quart - Icey-Tek Cooler / Large Ice Chest (Without Runners)

450 Quart Icey-Tek Cooler - Larger Means Cooler Longer

Top Outer & Overall Dimensions:
Length: 43" - Width: 34" - Height: 33" *

Bottom Outer Dimensions:
Length: 40" - Width: 31"

Inside with Lid Open Dimensions:
Length: 36" - Width: 26.75" - Height: 27"

Shipping Weight:
135 lbs. (+/-) Packaged

Cooler Weight:
77 lbs.

* Option with integrated runners height is 36.5". Great for forklift capability and has bottom drain plug.

These coolers come in white.

    Cooler Features

    • Factory Integrated Handles: These make it incredibly easy to move your cooler around.
    • Interior dimensions are with the lid open. When the lid is closed the interior height is reduced by 1.25" to 1.5".
    • Icey-Tek Coolers are constructed with a double thick lid for superior ice retention.
    • 2 year warranty on all Icey-Tek Coolers.
    • Roto-Molded from premium quality polyethylene to keep contents colder for longer.
    • Up to 12 days of cooling from a single application of blocked ice.
    • Available with "flat bottom", or with "runners" for forklifts.

    Additional Features

    • The Icey-Tek coolers have been made from premium components & materials to create the ultimate commercial quality cooler / icebox for you to use with confidence.
    • Components consist of a 100% grade A polyethylene external skin with a non-staining, non-odor absorbing, impact resistant food grade internal liner.
    • The Icey-Tek coolers have superior ice / cold retention which is obtained by utilizing premium polyurethane insulation injected under extreme pressure within all the wall cavities and the lid.
    • All boxes have ultra heavy duty self stopping lid hinges.
    • The Icey-Tek cooler lids have a rubber gasket that's fitted to ensure a perfect seal on the cooler to keep your contents colder longer.
    • All Icey-Tek coolers / iceboxes are lockable and have 2 receivers on the bottom of the lid and on the top of the cooler allowing you to put a padlock on them.
    • Long box Icey-Tek coolers have plastic coated rope handles for easy carrying.
    • Innovative commercial grade skids that protect the bottom of the Icey-Tek coolers as well as the surface they are on.
    • All Icey-Tek coolers come with 2 drain plugs that screw in with a rubber gasket to ensure a watertight seal. They are located at the bottom on each side of the cooler and are fully removable to allow for easy cleaning and draining of the cooler contents.

    Large Cube Style Icey-Tek Ice Chests Cooler - Perfect For Those Who Need More Space!

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