Ice-Olate™ Cooler Tray

Keep It Fresh and Avoid All The Mess With The Ice-Olation™ Universal Cooler Tray!

The new Ice-Olate Tray™ keeps all of your food fresh while avoiding a watery grave. Don't waste food and your hard earned money; let the Ice-Olate Tray™ do it's job, by keeping your cooler clean and stress free.

We have all reached into a cooler to grab something only to find it's full of freezing melted ice. It's not fun and we're sure you can relate. Having to dig through all the cold water to get a cold drink or some food used to be a messy job before the Ice-Olate cooler tray.  Same time and money with the Ice-Olation™ cooler tray.

The Ice-Olate Tray™ is the perfect solution to a mess and hassle free cooler. It's the product that you've always wanted, but didn't know existed.

Until now the only solution to this problem is a spigot to drain the water, which isn't a solution at all because it doesn't solve the problem of a soggy food mess. The tray is universally designed to fit most all cooler sizes 45 quarts and up.


  • Is an FDA Approved polyethylene

  • Is moisture resistant

  • Holds up to 75 lbs of food, beverages and ice

  • Allows between 15-20 lbs of ice melted under the tray

  • Assemble without tools

  • Is dishwasher safe

  • Is universal size fits most 45-80+ quart non-wheeled ice chests