Icey-Tek Super Insulated 120 Quart Cube Superbox

Kelly Green
Royal Blue
Ocean Blue

120QT Cube SUPERBOX Cooler.

Top Outer & Overall Dimensions:
Length: 38.75" - Width: 25.5" - Height: 22.75"

Bottom Outer Dimensions:
Length: 35.5" - Width: 21.75"

Inside with Lid Open Dimensions:
Length: 29" - Width: 16" - Height: 15"

Cooler Weight:
48 lbs

Shipping Weight with Packaging:
52 lbs

This is the ultimate in cooler chest coolers.  Developed for NASA used to transport sensitive space shuttle parts this cooler has four inch thick walls and can't be beat for its insulating properties.

As with all Icey-Tek coolers, the 120 Quart Cube Superbox cooler is manufactured from commercial grade quality components and materials for ultimate performance. Roto-Molded polyethylene creates color and wall thickness uniformity on all exterior surfaces and is coupled with a non-staining, non-odor absorbing, impact resistant polyethylene food grade internal liner.  Superior ice retention is achieved by utilizing a premium grade medium density polyurethane foam insulation injected under pressure within all wall cavities and the lid.  Four heavy duty self stopping lid hinges are both welded and screwed for maximum strength and a neoprene gasket ensures a tight seal between the lid and cooler body.

Includes lock mount, lid lift handle, premium silicone Southco® latches, and two drain plugs, one each side.

Available in White and Ocean Blue but other colors are available to special order, minimum quantity 6.  Contact us at (716) 299-8264 for special order information.

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